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Traffic Exchange Script - Traffic Exchange Software - Traffic Exchange System
Traffic Exchange Script, Traffic Exchange Software, Traffic Exchange System
Traffic Exchange Software - TrafficDX is the Best Traffic Exchange System Available! This advanced Traffic Exchange Script features Auto Surf, Manual Surf, Paid to Surf, Paid to Click, Banners Ads, Text Ads, Fun Games, and much more...
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257 TrafficDX Customers Are Now Serving Over 196296 Members And Showing 166030 Sites To Their Daily Visitors

TrafficDX - The Ultimate Traffic Exchange Software Traffic Exchange Systems are the most popular way on the internet to generate free web site traffic. These systems are often referred to as Auto Surf, Manual Surf, Paid Surf, or Paid to Click sites. While offering a valuable resource that provides free web site traffic for all your members, you also gain a lot of extra traffic to use for your own sites too...

Properly managed traffic exchanges are known to experience "high growth rates". New members provide additional income from upgraded accounts and advertising revenue! But, new Members also want to build their own downlines to receive more free traffic, so they will "help" your new system grow much faster by promoting their own referral links!

Can you imagine yourself being "the owner" of a system delivering thousands of visitors each month for your members... not to mention your own sites too? It's really not hard to do... and believe it or not... you really don't have to be a so-called "Guru". In fact, you can do this right now "all by yourself" without any programmers or huge monthly expenses!

Owning A Successful Traffic Exchange System Will Require A Little Effort From You...

Your new traffic exchange system is not just something you can setup and forget about. You'll have new members signing up everyday who are "counting on you" to approve their new sites, and answering all their questions. That dirty little word called "work" comes to mind here, but you'll be having fun making a lot of new friends, and get to see all of the latest opportunities that come out since "your members" will be rushing to "your system" to get their "new links" posted FIRST!

Are you concerned about traffic exchange software that allows "cheating" your system? Well you should be... and we were too! That's why we developed our own proprietary anti-cheat mechanisms that "no other" software company has been able to offer or duplicate! Hey, you won't find "our" source code floating around on the internet for "$5 bucks a pop" just waiting for the next kiddie hackers to figure out a way to "cheat your system". Most of it is encryted to prevent that from ever happening!

Others may provide "open source" software, but where are they when your site gets hacked? Our software provides the "real thing" you can "use and trust" to deliver the features and security you deserve! Providing you the most secure traffic exchange software will always be the number one priority for us! Sorry, but giving away our secrets would be like giving away a key to your home... and we would never do that, but will always provide you with the most secure and cheat-proof system available.

Our Traffic Exchange Script Includes GREAT Features, And Has The BEST Support!

Just take a look at the very long list of features below that our traffic exchange script has to offer. We really don't have enough space below to mention "everything", and new things are constantly being added, but you'll get the general idea? Of course there are no words that could ever describe it better than trying out the "real thing" for yourself, so take your very own test drive with our fully functional demo right now! (Don't worry about making changes, the demo database gets reset automatically).

Our TrafficDX Support Forum continues to grow each day, and you will always find a "very nice group" of fellow traffic exchange owners which are willing to help you out with their very own tips too. I think it's safe to say that our own TrafficDX customers have got to be one of the nicest group of folks that you will ever meet on the internet! I know that's how I feel... and I've dealt with a "lot" of folks over the past 10 years.

Go ahead, "take a look" around our system, and please take your time too... you won't find any pushy sales pitches or "one time offers" around here... our software is the "real deal" that basically sells itself! And, if you "do like" what you see here, just let us know... we'll be happy to help get your brand new traffic exchange system setup right away, and welcome you into the TrafficDX family!

TrafficDX Member Benefits TrafficDX Admin Benefits
  • Online Help Guide for all Member Areas
  • Clean User Friendly Menu for Member Area
  • Member News Area for Special Announcements
  • Optional Category Module for Targeted Traffic
  • Use Auto or Manual Surf Modes Only (or both)
  • Allocate Auto and/or Manual Credits to Sites
  • Auto Surfers see only Sites with Auto Credits
  • Manual Surfers see only Sites with Manual Credits
  • Well Designed and Accurate Auto/Manual Surf Bars
  • Random Turing Numbers for Manual Surf Bar
  • Seperate Timer Settings for Auto/Manual Surfers
  • Seperate Timer Setting for PTC Ad Surfers
  • Transfer Credits from Auto to Manual... or Vice-Versa
  • Members can Report Sites that are not Acceptable
  • Members can Edit own Profile and Site URL's
  • Members can Edit own Banner, Text, PTC Ads
  • Add "x" Amount of URLs - Set by Membership Level
  • Buy/Sell credits to/from Admin and/or other Members
  • Payment Request link for Members Cash Earned
  • View Earned Cash Withdrawal History Log
  • View Weekly Sites Shown/Credits Earned Statistics
  • View Downline Levels and Referral Benefits
  • View Downline Levels and Referral Statistics
  • Buy Credits, Banner, Text, or Paid to Click Ads
  • Buy Ad Space in top Featured Sponsor Ad Box
  • View Banner, Text, or Paid to Click Ad Statistics
  • Member Referral Banners Complete with Links
  • Earn Extra Credits by Showing Referral Link
  • Member Auto and Manual Surf Start Page Links
  • Referral Earnings from up to 10 Downline Levels
  • Random Referrals for Upgraded Member Accounts
  • Earn Credits and/or Cash by logging in Each Day
  • Earn Credits and/or Cash by Visiting other Sites
  • Earn Credits and/or Cash from Paid to Click Ads
  • Earn Cash Surfing "x" Number Sites every 'x' Hours
  • Earned Credits Automatically Allocated to Sites
  • Win Free Bonus Credits for Surfing "x" Number Sites
  • Win Credits and/or Cash in Jackpot Slots Game
  • Win Cash in Balloon, Heads or Tails, and Match Games (optional game modules)
  • Online Help Guide for all Admin Sections
  • Site can be Fully Customized from Admin Area
  • Easy Installation and Upgrade Scripts Included
  • View Sites Shown and Credits Earned Statistics
  • View Transaction Log for all Cash Transactions
  • Setup as Auto, Manual, Paid to Surf, Paid to Click
  • Set up to 10 Referral Downline Levels for Members
  • Create Unlimited Membership Level Packages
  • Create Unlimited Member Credits Packages
  • Create Unlimited Member Banner/Text Ad Packages
  • Create Unlimited Member Paid to Click Ad Packages
  • Create Unlimited Admin Banners or Text Ad Views
  • Banner and Text Ads will Automatically Expire
  • Upgraded Membership Levels Automatically Expire
  • Easy Approval or Disapproval of All New Sites
  • Easily Suspend or Unsuspend any Member Account
  • All New Sites and Abuse Reports are Shown at Login
  • Browse All Sites or Fuzzy Search for specific ones
  • Browse All Users or Fuzzy Search for specific ones
  • Easily Edit, Enable, Suspend or Delete Sites
  • Easily Edit, Validate, Suspend or Delete Members
  • Easily Manage All Member Banner and Text Ads
  • Easily Manage All Member Paid To Click Ads
  • Easily Edit Main and Member Area Page Templates
  • Easily Setup and Edit your Site's FAQ Page
  • Easily Upload Referral Banners for Member to use
  • View/Process Member Cash Withdrawal Requests
  • Select Member And Site Stats to Show on Main Page
  • Show Top 10 Surfers and Referrers on Main Page
  • HTML Emails to All Members, or Membership Groups
  • Add Credits or Cash to All Member Accounts at once
  • Require to Surf "x" Number Sites for Signup Bonuses
  • Easy Management of All System Settings
  • Easy Management of All Optional Modules
  • Easily Backup and Restore Site's Database
  • Block by Country, Domain, Email or IP Address
  • Includes our own Unique Anti-Cheat Mechanisms
  • Setup ANY Form Based Payment Processors
  • Optional Payment Modules allow Auto Processing of new Member Deposits

TrafficDX System Requirements:
  • Unix Compatible Web Server
  • One MySQL 3.23.23+ Database
  • PHP 4.3.11+ with Safe Mode Off and Register Globals On
  • PHP GD Module is required for the Turing Number Images
  • Ability to do http "post" of form data (some host may have this restricted)
  • Scripts can be installed in Root Directory, Sub-Directories, or on Sub-Domains
  • Average Install Time is less than 30 minutes with Automated Installation Script
  • Average Space Required less than 20 Mb, Average Bandwidth Required less than 2 Gb
  • Registration Key required for the Admin Area is provided automatically after installation
  • Scripts are encrypted with Ioncube (common loaders are provided and all are free at Ioncube.com)
Best Traffic Exchange Script

Here's What Our Customers Say 
Hi Ricky,

I`m really impressed with the TrafficDX Script and with the service and support that comes with it. It's easy to install, with good clear instructions.

When i have had a problem - never a real problem with the script - the Support Forum has been very useful and the direct response from Ricky has been great.

I would recommend the TrafficDX Script to anyone wanting to open a Traffic Exchange Site.

Daniel Meier

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"TrafficDX is by far the best written, and most sophisticated php traffic exchange script available!"

- Click Here To Try Out A Fully Functional TrafficDX Demo -

Please contact us immediately if you ever have any questions about someone else trying to sell our software... You may not be getting an "officially licensed" copy of our software, and it will not function properly for you.

October 15, 2010 Security Alert:

Your software piracy reports are always appreciated and it has been confirmed that one of our former beta testers (and support forum moderators) has been selling and renting an illegal hacked copy of our TrafficDX software. This software is labeled as A1TXPro v1.0x in the "Powered by" area of the footer. The normally unencrypted files, menus, graphics, etc have been changed to make this look like the Internet's newest most powerful traffic exchange script built by 3 surfers and webmasters with over 20 years experience.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where that code came from. This has been sold or rented from the A1TXPro.com and A1TE.com sites, and possibly from their other 2 business partners in crime. Please beware of these scammers and avoid getting caught up in their legal issues! The illegal sale, rental, and even use, of pirated software has both federal crime, and civil action consequences involved. Did you really think that someone else could "legally" sell or rent you our TrafficDX software for half the price?




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